Accenture hadoop interview questions and answers for experienced

In Today’s IT world Hadoop big data Technology has been playing a very good vital role in IT market.Every multi national companies are having their own standers for conducting a interview for the candidates.Now here i would like to share my interview experience with Accenture company.Here is the list of  Accenture hadoop interview questions and answers for experienced .

Usually Accenture company conducting interviews for candidates  based on two terms

  • Job Portal
  • Employee Referral

In first term Accenture company pays some money to online job portals like Naukari,Timesjob,Shine etc for best related Hadoop resumes.In second term Accenture company conducting Employee Referral that means who is presently working in Accenture company that employee can refer the outside person who is having good and suitable skills for that job to the company.

I applied through an employee referral. I interviewed at Accenture. Here is the complete details about Accenture hadoop interview questions and answers for experienced .

Accenture hadoop interview questions  for Technical Round

In First round first 15 mins is all about our personal details,previous company details,Working Experience details, our technical skills and other things,after 15 mins the interview is all about your hadoop skills.Here is some Accenture hadoop interview questions and answers for experienced .

1)What is BigData?

2)What is Hadoop?

3)How should hadoop solving the big data problems?

A) Read Hadoop Mapreduce Interview Question

4) What is SSH ?

A) Secure Shell also called as Secure Socket Shell

5) What is the Use of SSH in Hadoop ?

A) We should use SSH in Hadoop because SSH is a built-in username and password schema that can be used for secure access to a remote host; it is a more secure alternative to rlogin and telnet .

6) How will format the HDFS ?

A) $hadoop namenode -format

7)What is MapReduce?

8)What are different types of filesystem?

9)What is HDFS?

A) Read Hadoop Mapreduce Interview Question

10) What are the most commonly used Input Formats in Hadoop ?

  • TextInputFormat
  • KeyValueInputFormat
  • SequenceFileInputFormat

11) Which one is default InputFormat in Hadoop ?

A) TextInputFormat

12)What is the default block size in hdfs?


13) What is Hadoop Custom partitioner ?

A) Read About Hadoop Custom Partitioner in hadoop 

14) Write a Mapreduce Program for Character Count ?

A) Character Count Program In Mapreduce


Accenture Hadoop Interview Questions

15) What is Hive ?

A) Hive is a data warehouse software which is used for facilitates querying and managing large data sets residing in distributed storage.

16) What is Hive Metastore ?

A) Hive Meta store is a database that stores metadata of your hive tables like table name,column name,data types,table location,number of buckets in the table etc.

17) What is Hive Present Version ?

A) hive-0.13.1

18) What is the stable version of Hive ?

A) hive-0.12.0

19) Which company initially developed Hive ?

A) Facebook

20) Difference between SQL and HiveQL ?

A) Check in Hive Interview Questions

21) Can i access Hive Without Hadoop ?

A) Yes,We can access Hive without hadoop with the help of other data storage systems like Amazon S3, GPFS (IBM) and MapR file system .

22) Explain about Hive Metadata lost ?

A) Check Hive Metadata lost for external tables

23) Explain about Hive Buckets with Example ?

A) Check Hive Buckets Optimization

24) what is pig?

25) what is differnce between pig and sql?

26) How Pig differs from MapReduce ?

A) Check Pig Interview Questions

27)what are relational operations in pig latin?
they are
a)for each
b)order by

28) Write a Pig UDF Example ?

A) Check Pig UDF program

29)  What is Hadoop sqoop ?

30) What are the basic available commands in Hadoop sqoop ?

A) Check Sqoop Interview Questions

31) What is HBase?

32) Is there any difference between HBase datamodel and RDBMS datamodel?

33) How many filters are available in HBase?

A) Check HBase Interview Questions 

Accenture hadoop interview questions  for Project Round

The most important round for candidates are second round.Here is the details of Accenture hadoop interview questions and answers for experienced.

1)  Is it possible to load 3TB of data in hive ?

Suppose I have a data which is more than 3 tera bytes in my local file system (not in HDFS) and now can i load the 3TB data into hive table by suing the data load command

Load data local inapth ‘\urdatapath’ into table tablename;

A) yes you can load 3tb of data from your local file system but it will take too much time that all are depends on your local systems configurations like Ram,processor.hive meta store only save the metadata of 3tb table and the actual data will stored in hdfs only.

The hive databases like derby,mysql,oracle and other supported databases for hive is only used for store the metadata but not for store the actual data.

2) Explain about Your previous hadoop project flow ?

3) What is Your Cluster size ?

4) What is Team size ?

5) What is Your Role in your Team ?

6) How you can contact your client everyday ?

If you are qualify for the technical round and Project round then you will get a call for Accenture HR Round.

Accenture HR Interview Questions

In this round mostly you and HR will talk about your previous company details,current salary,expected salary and notice period and other related things . So this is the Accenture hadoop interview questions and answers for experienced . Please do subscribe for more updates from us and please share comment your opinion about this post


  1. Could you provide the answer for this question to general info….
    2) Explain about Your previous hadoop project flow ?

    3) What is Your Cluster size ?

    4) What is Team size ?

    5) What is Your Role in your Team ?

    6) How you can contact your client everyday ?

    • bhargav kumar reddy p says:

      Explain about Your previous hadoop project flow ?
      first briefly explain the theme of the project, and frame works,and data base(like hbase , mongo DB…..) you used for the projects . how you performed data loading and processing , and explain about client requirements . Explain very confidently about your strongest skills in your project

      What is Your Cluster size ?

      if you are mentioned company is a MNC then you need to plan accordingly other wise it is better to say between 10-20 size(based on the project data) and capacity of each node in the cluster and also configurations about heap memory, map and reducer memory

      What is Team size ?


      What is Your Role in your Team ?

      include these topics mainly

      1 .from where you brought data and how you loaded into the cluster(tools like sqoop,flume or any other tools) you processed the data(EX. using MAPREDUCE)
      3. data base you used to store the data(if you used it) or a meta store
      4. if you used hbase . Explain how you wrote the queries for getting data, and for hive query optimization techniques you used
      5. unit testings ,and code reviews

  2. Don’t attend Accenture interview if you really want job….they will just take interview after that no communication ….from HR…I cleared HR round as well but after that there is no response……

  3. can anyone give me project with flow plz

  4. Hi

  5. Attended Accenture Hadoop interview on Aug 9 and got offer on 26 Aug.

    Interview Questions :

    1)Proj flow
    2)My role
    3)Hive Udf’s
    4)Pig basics
    5)Sqoop Incremental load
    6)handle column data with quoted text .

  6. Don’t waste your time with Accenture they will take all the rounds but they will not release offer for you.

    I cleared all 5 rounds but no communication from them.

  7. Could someone explain about project flow ?

  8. Hi… can you explain the work flow of a project

  9. Hi,
    could you help me to provide project

  10. Hi… can you explain the work flow of Insurance domain project in big data hadoop.

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