Differences Between Old and New MR API


Differences Between Old and New MR API  Recently Hadoop new version 2.6.0 has released into Market,Actually Hadoop versions are released in 3 stages 0.x.xx,1.x.xx and 2.x.x,Up to Hadoop 0.20 All packages are In Old API (Mapred) From Hadoop 0.21 All packages are in New API (Mapreduce). Example of New Mapreduce Api is org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce Example of Old […]

Hadoop mapreduce programming in java Max Word Length

Hadoop mapreduce programming in java Max Word Length

Hadoop mapreduce programming in java Max Word Length Here we are providing the java code for how to find out a Max word length in a given input file by using Mapreduce. Sample Input file  – Input.txt Hi Welcome to Big Data World Hadoop is one of the Best Technology now a days Final output […]

Hadoop MapReduce Counters

mapreduce counters

Hadoop MapReduce Counters Hadoop MapReduce Features: They are more advanced features are available in Hadoop MapReduce such as counters and sorting and joining datasets. Hadoop MapReduce Counters: Counters are a useful channel for gathering statistics about the job which means it show for quality control or for application level-statistics.They are also useful for problem diagnosis.Counter […]

Hadoop MapReduce Job Works

Mapreduce works

Hadoop MapReduce Job Works How does Hadoop MapReduce Job Works: They are four independent entities need for run a job 1)The client ,which submit mapreduce job 2)The jobtracker,which coordinates of the job run 3)The tasktracker ,which run the task 4)The HDFS,which is used for sharing job files between other entities Job Submission: The job submission […]

Hadoop MapReduce


Hadoop MapReduce Hadoop MapReduce: Hadoop MapReduce is programming model for processing large data that resides on cluster( hundreds ofcomputers), which has been popularized recently by Google, Hadoop, and many others.The paradigm is extraordinarily powerful, but it does not provide a general solution to what many are calling “big data”.             […]