Sqoop Import

sqoop import

SQOOP IMPORT: The sqoop import tool imports individual tables from RDBMS to HDFS.Sqoop import tool takes data from RDBMS with four mappers by default,to HDFS.In the process of importing sqoop provides java classes and jar file. Sqoop  import <——->  either Database(tables) or Mainframe(datasets)   Sqoop tool ‘import’ is used to import table data from the […]

Apache Sqoop Introduction


RDBMS is the one of the source to genereate GB’s of data.This Big Data storages and analyzers such as MapReduce, Hive, HBase, Cassandra, Pig,Sqoop,etc. of the Hadoop ecosystem came into picture, they required a tool to interact with the relational database servers for importing and exporting the Big Data residing in them. Here is description […]

Installation of Sqoop

sqoop installation

 Installation of sqoop: Installation of sqoop is very easy.In the process  installation of sqoop no need to update the sqoop-site.xml for basic sqoop commands.Just download the sqoop installation tar file from apache mirrors,then copy it into specified directory,and then extract it,finally update the bashrc file. Sqoop is used to transfer data between Hadoop and relational databases or […]

Hadoop Sqoop commands Interview Questions

Hadoop Sqoop commands Interview Questions

Hadoop Sqoop commands Interview Questions Write a command to Import RDBMS data into HDFS ? root@ubuntu:/home/mahesh/sqoop-related# sqoop import –connect jdbc:mysql://localhost/mahesh –table emp -m 1; Where the table created for the above command ? In HDFS, hadoop fs -ls / How to read the RDBMS table data In HDFS ? hadoop fs -cat /emp/part-m-00000 111,mahesh,28000 112,neelesh,30000 […]

Hadoop Sqoop Interview Questions

Hadoop Sqoop Interview Questions

Hadoop Sqoop Interview Questions What is Hadoop sqoop ? Hadoop sqoop is an open source and sub project of Hadoop.Hadoop sqoop is a tool that designed for efficiently transfer the huge amount of data between Apache hadoop and structure databases such as relational database management systems(RDBMS) like Sql,oracle ,MySql databases. In other words,Hadoop sqoop is […]