Hbase Installation on Linux Ubuntu

Hbase Installation on Linux Ubuntu

HBase run modes

HBase has mainly two types of run modes

i) Standalone mode

ii) Distributed mode

HBase Standalone mode :

By Default Hbase runs in standalone mode,In this mode hbase does not use Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS),That means Hbase can work with out Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS) in Hbase standalone mode.

HBase Distributed mode :

Distributed mode can be subdivided into distributed but all daemons run on a single node is pseudo-distributed– and fully-distributed where the daemons are spread across all nodes in the cluster.

Hadoop HBase Supported Versions

 Hbase Installation on Linux Ubuntu

Hbase Installation on Linux Ubuntu

Hbase minimum requires hadoop 1.0.3 or above versions but recommended version is Hadoop 1.1.2 or 1.1.3

HBase SIngle Node or Pseudo- Distributed Installation

Minimum Prerequisites

UBUNTU 12.04 or Above

JAVA Version JAVA 1.7.0_25 or Above

Hadoop Versions HADOOP 1.1.2 or Above

Download hbase<version>.tar.gz stable version from here

$ cd Downloads/
$ tar -xvf hbase-0.94.8.tar.gz
 $ sudo mkdir /usr/lib/hbase
 $ mv hbase-0.94.8 /usr/lib/hbase/hbase-0.94.8
 Open your hbase/conf/hbase-env.sh and modify these lines
Set the HBASE_HOME path in bashrc file

To open bashrc file use this command

mahesh@hnode:~$  gedit ~/.bashrc

Open Hbase/conf folder edit Hbase-site.xml 

Your Hadoop core-site.xml Port number and Hbase-site.xml port numbers should be same.If your Installing hbase on distributed system 

hbase.cluster.distributed value should be true ,if Pseudo mode hbase.cluster.distributed value should be false

There is no need HregionServer property for Pseudo mode systems 


In /etc/hosts there are two entries: and the second entry to  otherwise it gives error: org.apache.hadoop.hbase.PleaseHoldException: Master is initializing

To start Hbase just use 

mahesh@hnode:~$ strart-hbase.sh

After starts just use jps command to check Hbase is running or not

1234 HQuorumPeer
 2832 SecondaryNameNode
 1267 Jps
 3213 TaskTracker
 2432 NameNode
 4674 HRegionServer
 4167 HMaster
 2432 JobTracker
 2765 DataNode

Then USE hbase shell command for use hbase
mahesh@hnode:~$ hbase shell
To stop hbase just use

mahesh@hnode:~$ stop-hbase.sh
web interfaces 

http://localhost:60010 for master
http://localhost:60030 for region server

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