1. if we drop the table in hive ..metastore will get lost then how we can get the location of the table

    • mahesh chimmiri says:

      If u drop d external table in hive u have to check manually in default location of hive /user/hive/warehouse

      hadoop fs -ls /user/hive/warehouse

      Above I explained the same things with examples

  2. venkatramireddy says:

    Hi, my question is, while creating external table if we give location then the files will store in that mentioned location instead of default warehouse(/user/hive/warehouse) folder.
    In external case if I delete data then it will delete from meta store , so how you can I dentify the location of the table. becz in this case it is not storing in default location.
    Kindly explain .

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi,

    Anyone can help me to find the “system table where i can have all metadata information”.Exactly i want to find a column where it is used in database in hive.

  4. Want to find all table where a particular column is used in hive database.

  5. Sanjeevkishore says:

    Suppose if i have 10tb of hive data stored in hdfs…and my metastore is crashed and i dont have any backup of hive metastore…

    Now how can i create a metastore of existing hive data present in hdfs..

    K8ndly please help me..

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