Key Features in Hbase

Key Features in Hbase

Key Features in Hbase areĀ HBase is not an “eventually consistent” DataStore. This makes it very suitable for tasks such as high-speed counter aggregation(Strongly consistent reads/writes)
2) HBase tables are distributed on the cluster via regions, and regions are automatically split and re-distributed as your data grows(Automatic sharding)
3)Automatic RegionServer failover
4)HBase supports HDFS out of the box as its distributed file system(Hadoop/HDFS Integration)
5)HBase supports massively parallelized processing via MapReduce for using HBase as both source and sink.(MapReduce)
6)HBase supports an easy to use Java API for programmatic access(Java Client API)
7)HBase also supports Thrift and REST for non-Java front-ends(Thrift/REST API)
8)HBase supports a Block Cache and Bloom Filters for high volume query optimization(Block Cache and Bloom Filters)
9)HBase provides build-in web-pages for operational insight as well as JMX metrics(Operational Management)

When should we use Hbase

1)we should have milions or billions of rows and columns in table at that point only we have use Hbase otherwise better to go RDBMS(we have use thousand of rows and columns)

2)In RDBMS should runs on single database server but in hbase is distributed and scalable and also run on commodity hardware.
3 typed columns, secondary indexes, transactions, advanced query languages, etc these features provided by Hbase,not by RDBMS.

Difference between HDFS/Hadoop and HBase

HDFS doesn’t provides fast lookup records in a file,IN Hbase provides fast lookup records for large table.

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