Apache Pig Introduction

Apache Pig

Apache Pig Introduction Pig is a Apache open source project which is run on hadoop,provides engine for data flow in parallel on hadoop.It includes language called pig latin,which is for expressing these data flow.It includes different operations like joins,sort,filter ..etc and also ability to write UserDefine Functions(UDF) for proceesing and reaing and writing.pig uses both […]

Hadoop Integration with OBIEE 11g

hadoop oracle

Hadoop Integration with OBIEE 11g OBIEE11g is a oracle software  which is used for to  generate reports and dashbords.Before OBIEE version  doesn’t supports to hadoop.Now this software integrate with hadoop.so,we can gereate reports for large datasets by using OBIEE11g. MapReduce jobs are typically written in Java, but Hive can make this simpler 1)Hive is […]

Bigdata Hadoop Interview Questions

hadoop interview questions

Bigdata Hadoop Interview Questions 1)What is BigData? Now a days ,data which is comes from different sources such as facebook,twitter,gmail,supermarket,sensors,e-commerce ,hospital,offices…etc.data should be available on both structured and unstructured format.Bigdata may be important to business and society.The real issue is not that you are acquiring large amounts of data. It’s what you do with the […]

Hadoop Distributed File System


Hadoop Distributed File System  HDFS was based on a paper Google published about their Google File System.Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is a Java-based file system that provides scalable and reliable data storage that is designed to span large clusters of commodity servers. HDFS runs on top of the existing file systems on each node […]

How Facebook uses Hadoop and Hive

Hadoop Facebook

How Facebook uses Hadoop and Hive Most of the IT Companies are using Hadoop technology why because which can store large datasets and process large datasets.In Hadoop ecosystem which have database(HBase),datawarehouse(Hive),these two components are very useful to storing transcational data in hbase and generate reports by using hive.In traditional RDBMS supports upto certain limit of […]