Hadoop Ecosystem


Hadoop Ecosystem Hadoop EcoSystem: The Hadoop ecosystem is diverse and grows by the day. It’s impossible to keep track of all of the various projects that interact with Hadoop.Actually Hadoop is best for storing (HDFS) and processing (MapReduce),the is also used for a family of related projects that fall under the umbrella of infrastructure for […]

MapReduce Programs In java

flights from origin to destination

MapReduce Programs In java Finding how many flights between origin and destination Mapreduce Program  Input: Click Here for Input file —–> airlineinformation (1) Mapreduce Code In java Driver Code  Mapper Code Reducer Code Output EUG–RDM      23 MFR–RDM     9 PDX–RDM     1024 SEA–RDM     67

Hadoop mapreduce programming in java

Basic Hadoop Hello World mapreduce programming in java

Hadoop Mapreduce Programming in Java Basic Hadoop Hello World mapreduce programming in java INPUT :- Take any text file as a input for this hadoop mapreduce program like below Hello World, Hadoop is a Big Data Technology and Future of Data Get the output like as a input text