what is hadoop

what is hadoop

What is Hadoop : Hadoop is one of the trending technology in IT market because the reason is Big data,Yes big data is a problem and Hadoop is a solution of that problem.Before going to what is hadoop concept first of all we have to know what is Big data and what are the main […]

Hadoop Definition and Ecosystems


Hadoop Hadoop is one of the powerful technology in today Market,Hadoop is an open source and specially designed for commodity hardware and it is open source,java based frame work ┬áthat supports both storage purpose and processing purpose. Hadoop is especially designed for large data sets in distributed computing environment. Apache Hadoop is a part of […]

How Yahoo Using Hadoop In Real Time


Yahoo is one of the top search engine website in now a days internet world,After google search engine Yahoo is the best search engine.Yahoo also providing so many services to the users and developing so many applications for business intelligence by using so many technologies.Hadoop is one of the major using technology in Yahoo.Now in […]

Hadoop MapReduce Counters

mapreduce counters

Hadoop MapReduce Counters Hadoop MapReduce Features: They are more advanced features are available in Hadoop MapReduce such as counters and sorting and joining datasets. Hadoop MapReduce Counters: Counters are a useful channel for gathering statistics about the job which means it show for quality control or for application level-statistics.They are also useful for problem diagnosis.Counter […]

Bigdata Hadoop Interview Questions

hadoop interview questions

Bigdata Hadoop Interview Questions 1)What is BigData? Now a days ,data which is comes from different sources such as facebook,twitter,gmail,supermarket,sensors,e-commerce ,hospital,offices…etc.data should be available on both structured and unstructured format.Bigdata may be important to business and society.The real issue is not that you are acquiring large amounts of data. It’s what you do with the […]