HBase Interview Questions

hbase interview questions

HBase Interview Questions   What is the history of HBase? 2006: BigTable paper published by Google. 2006 (end of year): HBase development starts. 2008: HBase becomes Hadoop sub-project. 2010: HBase becomes Apache top-level project. What is Apache HBase? Apache Hbase is one the sub-project of  Apache Hadoop,which was designed for NoSql database(Hadoop Database),bigdata store and […]

Hive Interview Questions Part-2

Hive Interview Questions

Hive Interview Questions What is Hive Shell ? The shell is the primary way that we will interact with hive by using hiveql commands.In other words shell is nothing but a prompt which is used to enter the Hiveql commands for interacting the Hive shell How we can enter into Hive shell from normal terminal […]

Hadoop Hive Interview Questions

Hive Interview Questions

Hive Interview Questions What is Hive ? Hive is a data warehouse software which is used for facilitates querying and managing large data sets residing in distributed storage.Hive language almost look like SQL language called HiveQL.Hive also allows traditional map reduce programs to customize mappers and reducers when it is inconvenient or inefficient to execute […]

Bigdata Hadoop Interview Questions

hadoop interview questions

Bigdata Hadoop Interview Questions 1)What is BigData? Now a days ,data which is comes from different sources such as facebook,twitter,gmail,supermarket,sensors,e-commerce ,hospital,offices…etc.data should be available on both structured and unstructured format.Bigdata may be important to business and society.The real issue is not that you are acquiring large amounts of data. It’s what you do with the […]